How To Spawn New Raid Boss And Get New Sword In King Legacy

In this brief guide, we are going to tell you how to spawn a new Raid Boss and get a new sword in King Legacy.

So to spawn you need a new orb called dragon gem, there is no accurate information but the game owner said its drop rate is 1%.

And you can get it by killing an elite skeleton (3100).

If you have logia fruit, the logia effect will work on it and you will receive no damage and can easily farm him.

Now to spawn the new boss go inside that skull.

There you go, the new raid boss is a dragon. This dragon has the same moves and damage as normal dragons.

We recommend you not to fight solo with this dragon.

And get friends with good devil fruits to defeat him.

After defeating it, you will receive 5 gems and 5 million exp and 1.25 million Beli.

The authentic mace drop rate is 10 % confirmed by the owner.

Move (Z): Godly thunder, creates a thunder shock wave and the range of it is mid-long.

Move (X): electric bold mace smashes the ground and gives explosive electric bolts.

Other move damage are decent but its hit damage is very good, almost the same as YORU.

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