How to Spawn Santa and Get the New Sword in King legacy

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to spawn Santa and get the new sword in King legacy Update 3.

You need the candy to spawn Santa. You can get candy in two ways; the first is from the ghost ship.

By the way, you need bullitus or remove your fruit to get rewards from the ghost ship.

Removing your fruit or using bullitus allow you to swim without dying.

You can remove your fruit on the first sea island for 10,000 beli. Or buy bullitus from bubble sellers in the skull for 5,000,000 beli. 

You can also get candy from sea beasts in any tier of the chest.    

After getting the candies, you can spawn Santa in the Santa factory second sea.

You need to deal enough damage to get the rewards. 

You will get the sword in two or three tries. 

Time to showcase 

Normal attack: 

Pretty slow normal attack: 

Z Interitus:

X Crudelis Slic:

Both skills used teleport with good range and good for ground PvP X crudelis slice. 

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