How to Spawn Santa in First Sea and Get Xmas Blade in King legacy

This guide will let you know how to spawn Santa in the first sea and get Xmas blades in King legacy. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions carefully to do that.     

You can get Xmas blade by defeating the boss “Santa”. 

This sword most likely has a 25% drop rate, the same as saber. 

Santa or shanks spawns every 2 hours and despawns after an hour. 

Santa has a 25% chance to spawn instead of an expert swordsman and has 1 million health.

You just need to deal enough damage to get the rewards. Santa also drops 3m exp and beli after being defeated.

You can get Xmas blades on the first try. 

Time to showcase  

Z Xmas Slash 

X Present 

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