How to Start a Private Game in Gta 5 Online

In this article, you will get to know how to start a custom game in GTA 5. There are several options in the game and you will get to know the purpose of those options.

In the GTA 5 game, you can start a custom game. Firstly, you have to leave the game if you are already in it. You don’t have to find the new session, just leave the game. If anyone is in that lobby which you left and you want them in your next lobby, just invite them there.

Once you respawn, you have to go to the online option. There you will find the options which are go, invite only session, crew session, closed crew session, closed friend session and solo session.

By pressing the Go option, you will enter into a public match. If you want to invite people into the lobby, click on the Invite Only Session. Only those will be able to join who have the link of that lobby. In the Closed Crew Session, only the crew can join while in the Closed Friend Session, only friends can join it. In Solo Session only you can join it.

If you are having a problem with it, it’s because of the doled out. Due to this, you can’t start it at all and you have to pick a different one. If it’s a Crew Session and it dols out you might pick others like an Invite Only Session. If the server is dying and it doesn’t support whoever you are inviting then you have to restart the game.

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