How to Start Questing With Friends – New World

This guide will let you know how to play with your friends in the New World. You have to follow the steps in this to do so. 

You can play with your friends in the New World, and you can go questing with your friends in the game. After getting into the game, you need to customize your character. You can choose the Body Type, Face, Skin Tone, Hair Style, and many other available options. After that, you have to name your character.

You can spawn in four possible locations: Windsward, First Light, Monarchs Bluff, and Everfall. Before spawning one of these locations, you will have a quest called a Sole Survivor on a beach. You need to come to the giant watchtower and choose the Sole Survivor quest. After turning into it in, you can go to the friend’s starting location and pick the quest. You can have all four locations for the quests on the map.   

The other way to play with the friends in the New World is to complete the full story over the beach, and then you will spawn in the city. There, you have to do the quests until you find a faction. After getting the faction, you will be able to meet up with your friends in their locations, and then you can continue with the quests there. 

The last way to play with friends in the New World is to create and delete the character until you get the exact starting location as your friends. 

It’s not an efficient method to play with your friends. The server chooses the starting location; it depends upon the number of players in certain areas. So it’s possible that the other three areas will be overwhelmed with the players, and you will constantly be spawning on a different beach. That’s the reason you are not spawning on the locations which you want as your starting location.

These are the ways which can help you to play with your friends in the New World.

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