How to Tame a Doedicurus : Ark Survival

In this guide, you will get to know how to TAME A DOEDICURUS. He farms a stone; that’s why he is a very useful animal to have in the ARK SURVIVAL

First, you will need a crossbow, and you need to have tranq arrows, as well as you need to have doedi saddles and some extra narcotics. 

You will also need some of the wooden spikes because when his health is below half, and it is nearly going to knock out, he will go into the ball, and then you cannot tranq him. That is why you need to put spikes around him, and also, no other animals will be able to attack him. 

The headshots are effective because they will not be as effective as his shell protects him when you do the body shot. 

You have to feed him with berries or use kibble because he will get a better level when you feed him good food. When you get twenty levels with the berries and feed him kibble, he will make it a plus fifty level.

He will start moving away from you when you are attacking him, and he has very low power. If he has a high level, he will roll into a ball to protect himself, but rare. He has an unconscious bar and the taming bar when he is knocked out, as shown in the image below.

If his unconsciousness goes down by any chance, you have to feed him noca berries or narcotics to increase his unconscious level. If you don’t feed him,  then he will wake up again, and he will run or attack you.  

The cost to make the doedi setter:

It takes 110 fibre, 200 hides, five metal ingots, and 15 stones, and it’s not expensive at that height.

When you have the doedi, you have to put the saddle in his saddle block, and then you can go, as shown in the image below.  

As you know, the doedi is very slow when it’s at a low level, so when you right-click from the mouse, he will go into a ball and move faster, as you can see in the image below.  

And if you press the left button from the mouse, then it will attack with his tail.

When you attack a stone with his tail, you will get a couple of stones. The number of stones you have got from a single hit will be different from each server because of the harvesting rates, which might be different, so if you have good rates, then you will get more stones, and if it’s not that high, harvesting rates then you will get one or maybe two stones. 

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