How to Tame a Parasaur ARK Survival Guide

This guide will let you know how to tame a Parasaur in ARK survival. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to tame it. 

You will need to have at least level nine before taming a Parasaur, and you also need the saddle, which will unlock at level 9. You will need to have the Bola, which will hold the Parasaur in place. The next thing you need is a wooden club which unlocks in level 8. so you need to select that as well. 

Once you have those three things, you craft them, and they are easy to make. You need fiber and wood for the club, and for the bola, you will also need some stones and some hide. You need to make at least two wooden clubs and two bolas for any Parasaur tame because you’re going to break a wooden club over the head of the Parasaur to tame it. 

You will need to look for a low-level Parasaur; it is easy to tame the low-level Parasaur by knocking it out. It is not easy if you try to tame the high-level Parasaur, and you have to wait a long time. To catch the Parasaur, you have to throw ebola at the Parasaur, grab your wooden club, and start hammering away at its head. The amount of time required to knock it out depends on the Parasaur’s level.

You have to make sure to start with a low-level Parasaur. When you knock it out, you will make it unconscious and see that it is sitting on the ground. You will find two bars, and there’s a pink unconsciousness bar. Then, put food in Inventory to tame the bar, walk up to the Parasaur, and press F to get into its Inventory. Drag over some Mejoberries; they are the purple berries, and they will tame the Parasaur quickly. You can see that the Parasaur has already started to eat them. 

And by doing so, it has increased its tame bar, the rate at which tames vary from server to server, and your’s on times two at the moment, but the higher the multiplier, the faster the tame will go. Fortunately, a Parasaurtem is very fast by arc standards, and in a concise amount of time, you will get a tamed Parasaur to call your own.

Once you’ve got your Parasaur, you’ll want to saddle it; you need to make a saddle from your Inventory. It takes 50 fibers, 80 hides, and 15 wood to craft. To equip it on your Parasaur, you need to be in your Parasaur’s Inventory. Press F on PC; when you get into the Inventory, you will take the saddle in your Inventory and drag it over to the saddle slot located in the middle of the screen.

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