How to Tame and Ride an Ender Dragon in Minecraft

This guide will let you know how to tame and ride an Ender Dragon in Minecraft. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to do so. 

You will need to get to the end world, and when you get there, you need to stay away from the dragon. After that, open your command option and enter the command to get a command block. You have to place a command block and then download the command from the link given below.

After downloading, you need to open it and copy the first command. 

Afterward, head back to your game and paste the command in the set console command for the blocks option. Then you have to place the button as well on the block. When you press the button, it will summon a saddle, so you need to go a few blocks away from it and place another block. After that, you have to paste the second command from the downloaded file, and then you have to add a button to it.

You need to go towards the upper side of the first block and place another command block there. Then you have to copy the third command and add it to the third command block. Now you need to place a liver on it as well. 

After that, you need to place a repeater and red stone next to it; then, you again have to place a repeater command block and place the fourth command from the file you downloaded from the link. After that, paste two repeaters, and right next to it, you need to place a command block, use the fifth command from the text file, and then tap over to the repeat option. 

Once you have built all of them, you need to go to the first block and press the button, which will summon the saddle. Then you have to turn them on, and at last, you need to turn on the lever. Now you will see that you will be riding Ender dragon and also you will be able to control the dragon.

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