How To Teleport In Roblox Jailbreak

This glitch works on any vehicle, including planes as long as it is on a Driver seat. The only exception for this glitch is with helicopters. Doing this glitch with a helicopter, you will see the Explosive when you swap teams. Follow the instructions in this guide to perform the glitch.

  • Helicopter Rope Teleport

To perform this first glitch, you want to have a friend that brings a Helicopter to you. Once your friend has a helicopter, tell him to lower the rope and get on it.

Now, fly anywhere you want to get teleported to .Once you are at your location, switch to any team while on the rope.

After you spawn, tell your friend to pull the rope up and you will be teleported. As the rope is pulled over, you will become a Criminal.

This glitch is a great way to escape if you swapped teams from being a Police. Although you need two people, it is easier than the next teleportation method.

  • Vehicle Teleportation

To do this second glitch, spawn any vehicle and make your way to any area.

Once at your location, exit your vehicle and stand beside the Driver seat.

What you want to do is to change teams and enter the Driver seat at the exact same time.

If you don’t see a Rocket Fuel bar when you swap teams, that means it failed. Now, join back to any team and bring another vehicle to your location.

If you get the glitch correct, you should still see the Rocket Fuel Bar. Now, join any team and jump one time to get teleported to your vehicle.



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