How To Teleport To Any Vehicle Instantly – Roblox Jailbreak

Here is a brand new glitch inside Roblox Jailbreak. This glitch allows you to make any vehicle teleport through any surface. It makes it great for trolling random players or just wanting to have fun. This guide will let you know how to do this glitch in Roblox Jailbreak.  

Step 1

To do this glitch, you first have to make your way outside of prison and escape. 

You will not need any game pass or friend for this glitch to work.

Step 2

Once escaped, spawn any vehicle and head over to any surface to glitch. 

It is recommended to start with any fence around the map for a much better result.

Step 3

Now you have to wait for your garage cooldown to finish before spawning.    

If you don’t own the pass, you have to wait in any garage for the upcoming steps.

But once finished, exit your vehicle and choose the fence you want to teleport past. Make sure to choose a fairly thin fence since they work much better. 

Step 4

Next, open your garage and spawn any small vehicle you want to use for teleporting. It is suggested to spawn a bike at first because of the overall smaller size. 

After spawning, drive over and park your bike right against the fence. You have to try and park as close as possible to the fence, so the glitch works.

But once lined up, spam crawls into your vehicle until you’re touching the fence beside it. 

Step 5

After that, make your way to the other side and check if you can enter. If you still see the enter seat button, that means you lined it up correctly.  

Now, move slowly back up until the option to enter your parked bike disappears. 

Step 6

Once in position, you will need to enter the driver seat to teleport the bike. 

It is not the full glitch, but rather the only part that is still really cool to use. You have to continue doing the first part of the glitch until you get it every time. You must be able to glitch the vehicle across every time from different ranges; spend a few minutes on this before moving on to the next steps. 

After that, take the same vehicle to another surface to glitch. It is recommended to head to any building with windows or walls for you to glitch at.

Step 7

Once at your building, drive inside and park beside any wall you want to teleport. 

Don’t forget to also spam crawl against the bike, so it’s easier to enter later.

Step 8

After lining up, you have to head over to the other side and check if you can still enter it. If you still see the icon, slowly back up until it just disappears for once. 

Then walk until you see the icon and enter the driver seat of the vehicle.

This glitch is very useful since you can teleport through any size surface. When doing this glitch, you can easily teleport any bike by using the seat.

It makes the glitch very useful since you can do a quick getaway any time. However, you can do this glitch with other vehicles instead of bikes. 

Step 9

You first have to head to any building or surface you want to glitch past for this method. 

Once there, you will need to open your mobile garage and spawn any vehicle to a glitch in. It does not matter what size vehicle you choose, only where the seat is. 

Step 10

Next, drive your vehicle up against the chosen wall just like you did before. 

Keep in mind that the larger car used, the harder it will be to line up correctly. 

Step 11

Next, spam crawls again to make sure it’s touching the surface. Once lined up, make your way to the other side and check if you can still enter. 

If the button still appears, you have to walk back slowly until it just disappears.  

Step 12

Finally, enter the driver seat to teleport your vehicle.

It makes this glitch even more useful since it can be done using larger vehicles. Just remember to park as close to the wall for an easier glitching result.

Also, you can phase through walls using flying vehicles and boats instead.

Park your vehicle on the top of a building instead of beside a wall or window. 

Step 13 

Once there, line your vehicle up and head to the opposite side of the wall.

If parked on the roof, you have to hold the jump and check for an icon.

You have to jump and enter the driver seat at the same time. 

It means you can glitch any vehicle inside places normally locked. It makes it extremely great for trolling since you block all surfaces. And just by entering from the donut shop, you can glitch the drone inside.

It makes the glitch also great for showing off to random players with this. 

It is recommended to test all vehicles to find which work the best to glitch.

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