How to Teleport to Coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In this guide, you will come to know how to teleport to Coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PS4, Xbox, and PC. 

You will first need to go to the game settings and then navigate to the game option. Scroll down on the right and go to World options; you have to turn on the Show Coordinates option there, as shown in the image given below.  

Now you will see the position coordinates on the left side of the screen in your Minecraft world. 

When you move right or left, you will see the first numbers in position will change for the x-axis. If you move upwards or downwards, the second number in the position will change for the z-axis. If you move forward or backwards, the third number in position will change for the y-axis. 

If you want to move 50 blocks to the right, you have to decrease the first number in the position from 1282 to 1232. To do so, you need to open the chat and command box and tap on the slash icon and select teleport. In the teleport, you can also teleport other people in the game by tapping on the Who option, and if you want to teleport yourself, tap on the Where option and select your name.

Once you select your name, it will copy your name in the chat and command section, so you have to enter the coordinates where you want to teleport in the chatbox and then press the square button to run the command. It will teleport you to the coordinates you entered, and you will be notified on the left side of the screen. 

You can teleport yourself anywhere you want in the world using this method.

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