How to Text Chat in Battlefield 2042

This guide will let you know how to Text Chat in Battlefield 2042 PS4, PS5 & Xbox. Go through the guide and follow the steps carefully to do so. 

You will first need to go to the main multiplayer menu and press R3 to open up the social menu. You have to tap on the Friends tab, and you will find your friends list. So when you select your friend profile, you need to send them an invite, and they can easily join your party. 

When you are at the beach, you will see a pop-up message for an invitation sent on your home screen. To chat with friends, you have to press R2, press the X button from the controller, and you will get to the party chat with friends. When you head back to your game, you can also text chat with them while playing the game. 

To do so,  you will need to press the options button, and you will find an option stating that to chat, press R2, so you have to press the R2 button from the controller, and then you can easily write a message to your team. 

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