How to Transfer Weapons Gear & Loot in Destiny 2

This guide will let you know how to transfer weapons, gear and loot to another character in Destiny 2. 

The first thing you will need to do is get inside the tower and find a terminal. When you find it, you need to go to the vault and access it to find all of the items you have in your bank. When you place an item into the vault, you will log in to a second character, and then you have to pick up the item. 

You need to press the Options button from your controller to open up your character’s inventory. Then you have to place a gun in the vault, select the gun first, and then press X to store it in your vault. After that, press O to dismiss, and you will be back at your vault. 

After that, tap on the Sort by Default option and change it to the Sort newest option, and you will find a weapon you placed in your vault. Now you need to switch characters, and to do so, you have to press the Options button from your controller, then swipe right and from the left menu tap over to the gameplay tab. 

You need to log in with a second character, then return to the tower and select the tower from the map. After that, choose the spawn point in the courtyard and tap on the Launch option. 

When you get to the courtyard, you need to go to the terminal, and from there, you need to access the vault. Then, you have to go to Sort by option and choose the newest option. Now you will find your weapon, which you added from a different account, so you have to pick it up and place it in your character. 

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