How To Transport Villagers in Minecraft

This guide explains to you the method to transport the villagers in Minecraft. The most important things to complete this task are blocks, leashes, and 3 boats to carry the people, mobs or animals. 

Some important things to have up your sleeves are blocks like Dirt, Gravel, and Sand. Moreover, 3 leashes will be perfect, that is if you lose one of them you will have another one up to your sleeves. You will need around 3 boats as well to transport 6 villagers and 6 cows then you can transport them all. It all depends on you. So to start off, you will need to put the boat here.

You will wait until a villager gets in. The next thing you are going to do is to leash the boat and the villager to a certain point, where you will nibble one of the blocks. Pull till that point where the leash will be going to break. 

You need to jump carefully while pulling the boat as the leash might break at any point. You can carry 2 animals and 2 mops in the same boat easily. You can even pull 3 boats at one time using your leash. It depends on how solid the leash is and how much weight it can sustain.

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