How to Turn On Voice Chat in Destiny 2 & Join Fireteam Chat

In this guide, you will come to know how to turn on Voice Chat in Destiny 2. You will also learn how to Join Fireteam Chat

Destiny 2 has voice chat, but it is manually enabled, so when you join a game, you won’t hear anyone because voice chat is turned off for you when you’re in multiplayer. You have to press options from the controller and then go over to the cog to the settings section and tap to sound under voice chat. 

You can see the voice chat output setting is set to headset only, so if you want to come through the headset or speaker, you have the option, so if you set the speakers only when playing the game, you can hear your friends talk over speakers. 

The team voice chat channel it’s set to manually opt-in as default; you have to set it specifically. To do so, you need to go into the voice chat, and it will automatically do that for you. So you rarely hear anyone in the multiplayer talking to you. If you select it and go to automatically opt-in win solo, you can easily hear people talk in the multiplayer. If they have the setting on or join the voice chat channel. 

When you’re in a game, it will say this person has joined the voice chat channel, so if there is someone who has the voice chat enabled, you can see them join the channel on the bottom left side of the screen. You can also switch back and forth between the fireteam chat and the main chat menu. 

If you go to the screen where you will find your ghost, you can press left on the d-pad, and you can see the fireteam chat is switching back and forth between fire team and your team chat there, so this is easy to do as you have to choose your channel. 

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