How to Uninstall Minecraft and Clean Install It

This guide explains the method of how you can uninstall Minecraft and clean install it the right way. You need to save your screenshots and save files on your computer to protect the saved items from getting deleted. After that, you can uninstall and install the game again by following the guide below.

The first thing to remember is that all your screenshots and inventory will be deleted once you uninstall Minecraft. In order to save them, you’re recommended to locate your saved and screenshot folder on your computer. To start, press the Windows+R key. Run window will be displayed on your screen. 

In the Run option, input %appdata% and press the Enter key.

It will open a folder in which you will find the .minecraft folder.

Open this folder and copy the saves folder. 

Now Paste it on your Desktop. If you have any screenshots folder then you can Copy and Paste them to your Desktop as well. 

There are two ways to uninstall it, you can go to Windows uninstaller.

Scroll down and find the Minecraft launcher. Then tap on the Uninstall option.

Another way to Uninstall Minecraft is to open up the Start menu, right-click on Minecraft and then tap the Uninstall option.

It will bring you to the uninstall programs where you will need to click on the Minecraft launcher and uninstall it. Select the Yes option and it will be uninstalled from your computer.

Now you have to again press Windows+R and enter %appdata% in it. You will see that the “.minecraft” folder will still be there. Delete this folder as well.

After that, go to the Recycle Bin and delete the .minecraft folder from there as well.

After uninstalling it, you will go to the official website and download the Minecraft installer. Then you will need to run the installer.

Click on the Next option and download Minecraft again. It will fix some minor errors like setting or changing some things. After that, you will need to click on the Finish button.

In this way, Minecraft will be uninstalled and Installed again. The game will be back to its default setting now. 

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