How To Unlock Chapter 3 – Good Pizza Great Pizza?

If you want to unlock Chapter 3 in the Good Pizza Great Pizza game, then you have come to the right place. Follow this guide and you will learn which challenges you have to complete to unlock Chapter 3.

  • Help Homeless Man

You have to help a homeless man by giving him free Pizzas and Money.

  • Buy speedy oven

Then you have to buy a speedy oven.

  • Buy all the available toppings of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
  • Buy some expensive decorations

Change the walls, floor tables, posters and pizza boxes. Buy some decorations like T.V, Lucky cat, Neon Pizza, Jukebox, Pizza Man Poster, Garden Wall, Light Wood.

  • You will need to complete the Stewards First Meeting Challenge
  • Complete the Stewards Group Ingredients Challenge.
  • Complete Stewards Goat Order Challenge.
  • Complete Stewards Fishy Toppings Challenge.
  • Complete Stewards Meat Toppings Challenge.
  • Complete Stewards Fruity Toppings Challenge.
  • Complete Sauce Sayers Challenge.
  • Complete Stewards Final Challenge.
  • Complete Peppertiti’s Challenge.
  • Buy some upgrades.

Buy some upgrades like Wide Counter, Tables, Daylight Savings, Happy Folks, Hire Mascot, Hire Sauce Buddy, Hire Cheese Buddy, Hire Pepperoni Buddy, Hire Cutter.

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