How to unlock Companion in PUBG Mobile

This guide will let you know how you can unlock the companion in the PUBG Mobile game. You will also learn how to get coupons in the game.

Go to the Events section of your game and then move to Summon Companions: Redemption. You will find that you need 50 coupons to unlock the companion.

And then go to Summon Companions: Team Up, login in to collect 2 coupons. Complete 3 matches to get 1 coupon and 5 matches to get 2 coupons.

After that, head to the RP section and go to the Redeem tab. You will get 5 coupons by logging in and 30 coupons by spending your battle points.

You can also purchase the coupons. Go to treasures and you can purchase 1 coupon for 25 UC.

Once you get 50 coupons, head back to Summon Companions: Redemption and use 50 coupons to unlock the companion.

The companion will come along, wherever you go in the game.



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