How To Unlock [Lin Zhiying] Npc And Get [Tornado Skateboard] – Ragnarok X Next Generation

This brief guide will let you know how to unlock NPC and Get [Tornado Skateboard] in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

Tornado skateboarding is one of the cool rides in ROX and you can get it for free.

Before you can get it, you have to unlock the NPC gift and make your favor 100 percent. In one day, you can only give the NPC 5 times. And the favorite percent depends on your gift.

To unlock the gift feature, you have to do a quest.

The quest will appear when you reach a specific level.

You can see Prontera channel 3 in the image below.

And Rose-red tavern channel 3 in the following image.

Once you have done the quest, the NPC will appear on mid-protera.

To increase the favor faster, you can give the NPC favorite items.

0.5% favor

1% favor

2% favor

These are some of his favorite items and you can buy them at Aldebaran on the crystal shop NPC.


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