How To Unlock Mr. Stitchy Skin

In this guide, you will learn the method to unlock the Mr. Stitchy skin. You will also come to know how and where you can spawn Mr. Stitchy.

The first thing you will need to do is to select the Forest Map in book 1 and then select the player.

After that, you have to find five candles from around the map. Move right from the starting point, turn left and pass through the trees. Click on the candle to pick it up.

Roam around and explore the map to collect four other candles. After collecting the candles you will need to get the torch, light it up using the campfire to get a flaming torch. You will find the torch in the cave.

Make your way to piggy spawn and light up all the five candles. Mr Stitchy will spawn once you light up the candles.

Now you have to lead him to the portal in the cave. Mr. Stitchy will enter the portal, you will hear the sound and get the skin.

Go to the shop and then move to the Skins tab. You will find the Mr. Stitchy skin there.


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