How to Unlock New Alchemist Opera Skin in Soul Knight

This guide will let you know how you can unlock new Alchemist-Judge bao skin and new cassette in Soul Knight.

First, in a random room of forest biome, you may see an interactive object called offering pool.

After clear, you can sacrifice weapons to it to summon new boss Goblin priest haunted.

If you don’t have the weapons to sacrifice, try finding shopping room or chests on the map. Each of the weapons having a certain amount of point depending on their rarity.

White: 1 Green: 2

Blue: 3 Purple: 4

Orange: 5 Red: 6 

When you reach 6 or more points, it’ll stop accepting weapons. It shows the lord has beckoned on you, You may now pay your respects.

And now you can meet new bosses at 1-5

After defeating him, you have to choose purple petals and you’ll go swamp biome.

Judge Bao Skin fragments are dropped from monsters in this biome. 

So, try to kill all the monsters in all rooms and reroll it don’t drop. And if you try to beat the boss 2-5.

You have a chance to get new cassettes of “Hymn”. And now let’s go-ahead to the Design Table and Feel the result.

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