How to Unlock New Officer Opera Skin in Soul Knight

This guide will let you know how to unlock the New Officer Opera Skin-Ghost Catcher in Soul Knight. 

You are looking forward to Ghost catcher in Soul Knight-officer. To have this skin, you must unlock underworld detective achievement.

You must achieve a silver frame (Kill 100 individuals) of the following types of monsters in a cellar. Dungeon Biome, Halloween Biome, and Volcano biome. 

Grave skeleton(Staff) Grave skeleton (Bow).

After that, you can check the progress in the Cellar.

You can try it solo. But if you have a friend or other device, you can choose some custom challenge buffs in Multiplayer. It’ll help you do it faster.

Something funny will happen when playing with a friend. If you’re done, It’ll show a completion notification at the end of the game.

Check out the results and get a new skin.

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