Ostrich is a new animal in the Stardew Valley that is being added in the 1.5 update. You can grow an ostrich by using one of his eggs in the Ostrich incubator.

Make your way to the ship dock and buy a ticket to ginger island. It will take 1000 gold for the ticket.

Find the fossils and enter into a tent just before the bridge to see Professor Snail. Place the fossils in the following way to complete the structure of bones.

Professor Snail will be very happy now and he will teach you how to craft an Ostrich incubator. This device will help you to take the Ostriches back to the home.

Move out of the tent and go to the barn. Place the Ostrich incubator in it and then place an Ostrich egg on the incubator.

Exit from the barn and wait for 12 days.

After passing these days, enter into the barn again to check the hatched ostrich. You will find one near the incubator.

This ostrich will be able to lay eggs right after one month. 

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