How to Unlock The Contract DLC Trade Prices and Save $2 Million

In this guide, you will come to know how to unlock the contract DLC Trade prices and save $2 Million in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

First, you will need to buy an agency from the dynasty 8 executive website; you can access it from your game phone. 

Select one out of 4 options, and you have to complete the contract missions studio time as a leader or host for the champion. These missions are the second to last mission from the Dr. Dre storyline. The deity will be unlocked once you complete about 10 security contracts, and also the jubilee will also be unlocked after 20 security contracts, as shown in the image below.  

You will need to call Franklin and ask him for random contracts to play the security contracts. You can also get the security contracts by going into your agency, and then you have to select the job you want to play. If you select an asset protection contract, you have to stand in one location for 10 minutes and kill just a few enemies.

If you are doing gang protection, you must get the sniper rifles because the enemies in this contract are accurate, and you can shoot them from long range with a sniper.

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