How to Unlock the Golden Miss Chalice Filter – Cuphead DLC

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock the Golden Miss Chalice Filter in Cuphead. 

In the desert area of aisle four, there will be a cactus woman who talks about eliminating some vegetables which will be a reference to some boss to beat.

So you need to go ahead and defeat those bosses. 

Every time you go to the cactus lady, she will talk about some boss to eliminate. So you simply have to eliminate all the bosses and then go back to the cactus lady

When you’ve defeated all the bosses every single one of them, then the cactus lady will say this ‘’For walloping every boss with Miss Chalice I have made her a spiffy new look, Find it in the options menu’’.

Now you have to go to the options menu and navigate to the visuals. Then go to filters and it will change the appearance of Chalice to gold and you can also use it with other filters.

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