How to Unlock The Metal Detector & Buried Stashes in GTA 5

This guide will let you know how to unlock the Metal Detector & Buried Stashes in Grand Theft Auto 5.

For Metal Detectors:

You can acquire the metal detector by going to either of these 10 locations. As soon as you come close, a blue dot will appear on your map. You have to go close to the skeleton and you will find the metal detector. You can use a jet or a hydra anything that flies you don’t have to be on foot or on a ground vehicle.

For buried Stashes:

As soon as you acquire the metal detector, you have to go close to your kasaka and fire up a gathered into a mission for your Kaiba Ricoh heist. So you can roam around kaiperiko islands.

Then you have to open up your map and start looking around these areas with your metal detector. You have to keep an eye on your mini-map and make sure that you are not getting into any of the garter cones. As soon as you enter these two areas, you can open up your metal detector by pressing the aim button on your controller. Then you will start hearing beeps on the metal detector. If this does not happen, don’t worry as you are not simply close enough.

As you move around, you will start hearing more and more beeps around and they will start to go a little bit faster. The faster the beep goes, the closer you are getting to the treasure. If you hear an uninterrupted beep, then you have arrived. You have to put the metal detector away and start looking for the treasure. Once you have picked this buried stash, you will have 15k in your pocket. Grab the other one as well. There are two buried stashes.

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