How To Unlock The Trade Price Of The Itali RSX

If you want to save one million on the Itali RSX, go through this guide and complete two missions related to moody man. These two missions aren’t really tough to accomplish so just follow and complete them. 

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Mission Merchandize Delivery: 

You will receive a call from a moody man to pick up the house shoes for him. He will tell you that these shoes can be found in the swap meet shop in the Davis mega mall and you need to deliver the shoes to him in a club.

Call From Moody man. 

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Take the helicopter and start your journey towards the Davis mall. After reaching the mall, pick up a scooter and go to the casino in order to deliver the shoes.

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Take that package of slippers from the mall and give it to the moody man while he is on call with you. You will get extra money of 25,000 to 50,000 after delivering the package.

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Mission accomplished !

Mission Pick up Moody Man:

In this mission, Tom Connors will ask you to pick the moody man from the casino. Take the helicopter and go to the casino to reach the moody man. This would be a very long journey but you don’t really need to worry about that. Once you get there, Moody man will tell you what actually happened to him.

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You will need a rapid car after landing into the city. 

Pick up the moody man and take him away in your car. 

Then the moody man will tell you that someone has stolen his car and he bought a car on credit. He parked his car and someone stole it in just a few minutes. Now I really want to capture the thief that is very important to me. You have to roam around the town in order to find his car. 

And suddenly the moody man will get a text from the thief and he will tell them that they are located in Benny’s body shop. The moody man will ask whether you know the exact location of Benny’s shop so that we can reach there quickly to catch these bustards. Head towards Benny’s original motorworks to recover itali RSX. 

It will take a while to get closer to the Itali and you must try to get as close as possible. This is the right time to shoot. 

After a certain amount of firing at that thief you may get itali RSX car back. And now you need to go back to the casino.

Once you have completed both of these missions, the price of itali RSX will reduce by 1 million USD and you can now purchase it at the trade price. Deliver the car back to the Music locker area. 

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