How To Unlock The Tri Seal In Genshin Impact

This guide will let you know how you can unlock The Tri-Seal in Genshin Impact so that you can access the treasure chest and Sword Cemetery.

There are 3 switches that are located in the Gorge. The first one is in the north of the Sword Cemetery.

You have to do a challenge here and kill ten enemies in a minute. After bringing them down, you will need to hit the first switch with an ice person.

The next one is in the south of the Cemetery. 

You have to kill the mini-boss and other enemies out there. After killing them, you will get the treasure chest. And you will need to get the lightning person to activate the second switch. 

The third one is located in the southeast, there’s another mini-boss here and a mage who is taking care of it. And there’s a fire switch too. You will need to hit the fire switch, and it’s the last seal; the treasure chest will be accessible now. You need to go there and open the chest. 

Now you have to grab your loot and get some extra four-star claymore pieces. You can build more claymore with it if you have all the other materials. 

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