How to Unlock the Up-n-Atomizer Gun – GTA Online

This guide will let you know how to unlock the Up-n-Atomizer Gun & Festive Sweaters in GTA Online. 

With the snow this Christmas, players can unlock new clothes and a new weapon by winning business battles, added with the after hours update.

You have to be in a session (public or invite-only) with at least three active players to trigger a business battle. 

The player must be idling or moving outside, not inside nightclubs, apartments or any other interior.

To speed things up, you can create an invite-only session, invite a couple of friends and wait around 15 minutes for a business battle to start.

After completing the business battle, go back to GTA 5 and create a new invite-only session to trigger the event again after 15 minutes.

Win these battles to unlock new festive sealers and the up-n-Atomizer pistol-together with the “Festive” weapon Tint.

The weapon will be added to your inventory and won’t be available at ammu-nation.

The up-n-Atomizer pistol is a futuristic ray gun with a kinetic effect.

At the moment, it is unknown if players will be able to keep these items forever or if they disappear after the festive events are over.

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