How To Unlock Tombstone Traps In Piggy

The Tombstone Trap looks like a Tombstone literally. A Zombie Piggy spawns once someone steps on it, kills the player and goes in the ground again. This is the best trap in terms of getting rid of the players easily.

Go trough the guide and follow all the instructions to get this trap.

The first thing you will need to do is to select the Alleys Map in Book 2.

Now you’ll need to find 6 skeleton parts from around the map. Once you find one, click on it.

You can also see if you’ve found all 6 Skeleton Parts by going over here and seeing if the skeleton is complete or not.

After collecting all 6 parts, the skeleton will be completed.

Now you’ll need to get a rose. Give this rose to the Skeleton. After doing so, you’ll hear a sound and get the trap.

Here’s the Tombstone traps.



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