How to Use Dead Eye In Red Dead Redemption 2

In this article, you will get to know how to use the dead eye feature in Red Dead Redemption 2.Once you level up this feature you will get more abilities like to easily target your enemies.

When you start the game, look down at the bottom of your left hand, you will see an eye icon which is your dead eye feature.

When you press the eye icon, the time will slow down which makes you to make the shots more precise.

When you use the feature you will notice that time slows down and the whole world gets the sepia town to it. When the time will slow down you will be able to aim at your enemies. If you are on PlayStation 4 you have to press R1 to target them and it also allows you to target multiple enemies. But if you will play the game on XBox 1 is RT.

So by using this feature you can kill your enemies and make them drop to the ground. You can also use this feature in another way. All you have to do is press in to right them stick. Hold L22 in your weapon and just aim for the head. And when you have done this, just release all the buttons. So you don’t keep wasting the dead eye. Once you will level this up you will get more and more abilities to go with this feature. The more abilities will allow you to highlight different parts of the body to easily target them and also allow you to freely shoot etc etc. So in this way you will use the dead eye in Red Dead Redemption 2. It will help you out for sure.


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