How To Use M1887 Shotgun – Garena Free Fire

This guide will let you know how to use the M1887 shotgun in Garena Free Fire.

  • The first tip is that you should use the M1887 gun from the mid-range instead of a long or short-range because the distance matters when it comes to the M1887. It will also help to strike the head of the enemy.

  • The next important thing is the gun switch strategy. M1887 comes with two ammo fires; you have to shoot at the enemy with M1887, take cover, and switch to your secondary weapons. Strike the enemy with your secondary gun, and he will be killed.

  • The next tip is shoot and run. You have to switch to a melee weapon after killing an enemy and take a cover. Reload your gun there and then move back to target the next one. You must follow this strategy every time you play the game.

  • Get on the mid-range and drag your aim a little bit on the enemy. You can easily strike his head. It will be a drag headshot.

  • There is another headshot called One tap headshot. You have to get closer to the enemy and jump up in the air. When your foot touches the ground, you have to drag the shooting button a bit while keeping the aim a little upward. It will strike the enemy on his head.

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