How To Use Mag-7 Like A Pro Player – Garena Free Fire

This guide will tell you how to use MAG-7 like a Pro Player in Garena Free Fire.

  • The firing rate and damage output of MAG-7 are very high. Its range is amazing as compared to other shotguns.

  • MAG-7 fires four bullets at a time, and each of the bullets deals 20 damage. If the enemy is in short-range, you can easily kill him in 3 strikes.

  • To avoid the recoil of MAG-7, you will need to split the ammo. Fire 3 to 4 times, change your position and then fire again.
  • You can use the attachment, foregrip that will also help to avoid the recoil of this gun.

  • Drag the button upward to target the enemy; you will surely get the headshot in two or three fires.

  • Hayato damages the enemies even if they are wearing armor. The speed of Caroline increases by 8% when she’s handling the shotgun. So it is recommended to use these two characters with the shotgun.

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