How To Win Every Game In Super Striker League

This brief guide will provide you with different methods and techniques to win every Roblox Super Striker League game. It will give you some tricks and tips to win almost all the matches.

  1. Scoring

If the goalkeeper’s health is low, you can tap right-click into the goal.

A one-timer is an effective way to score.

The longshots are more likely going in if the ball is in white.

You have to hold A or D to curve your shots.

And always be ready to take a rebound.

You can use power-ups to push the ball in the goal, and this is, by far, the easiest way to score.

  • Dekes

You need to go in a direction and press the spacebar to spin in the opposite direction.

Hold right-click and press the spacebar button.

By combining the last two tips, it should look like this.

  • Tackling

You don’t have to rush your tackles; wait till your opponent wastes his stamina. And then you can counter-attacks!

You need to stick to your opponent before tackling. It is easy to tackle when your opponent wastes his stamina.

You have to be ready to avenge your teammate if he gets tackled.

  • Passing

Pass the ball if there’s a lot of pressure on you, and always be ready to catch a pass.

You need to make sure to pass it in front of your teammate, not behind.

And make sure you’re wide open to catch a pass without getting intercepted.

Here’s an example of a passing day.

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