How to win the OOTD Challenge In Super Stylist

In this guide, you will learn the method to win the OOTD in Super Stylist. You will need to follow all the steps below to win OOTD.

  • First, you will need to check what type of outfit is required.

Sometimes, the clients would request for various types of outfits such as Party Swag Casual Romantic and vice versa. The request here is freestyle therefore, it doesn’t matter which type of outfits you pick.

  • Make sure the outfits match the adjectives for bonus points. Sometimes, three (3) adjectives appear. It’s better if you find an outfit that includes all adjectives presented. But if you can only find an outfit that matches only one or two adjectives, it’s still okay.

  • Items or outfits with many hearts, especially the designer collection give extra points. So pick as many as you can!

  • Don’t forget to accessorize!

Jewelries, bags, and sunglasses, especially those that match the adjectives also add extra points. Choose wisely!


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