How to Zone Clear Zombies – Project Zomboid Build 41

This guide explains how you can zone clear zombies. You need to have a new responder vehicle in good window condition and a mono top with lighters. Follow the step-by-step guide to complete this mission.

Firstly, you will need a new responder vehicle to use a siren to draw your ambulance. You have to make sure that your windows are of good quality as the zombies can bite you if your windows are not good enough. Secondly, you will need at least one mono top and a lighter for each of your mono tops. 

Now you have to reach the school area that zombies will surround. You don’t need to hit those zombies; jab them instead. In this way, your vehicle will not take any damage, and you will be able to kill many zombies out there.

Once you have killed the zombies surrounding your vehicle, take your mono top and lighter out. Walk to the first group of zombies, shriek at them, and throw your mono top on them. After that, get in your vehicle quickly, and you should not allow more than two layers of zombies to surround your vehicle; otherwise, there might be some bad consequences like you may die in the game.

You will make a plan of your grinding rows because if you take a wrong turn here, you might burn out the buildings you didn’t wish to burn. In the end, all the zombies will burn, and then you will access the damage that has happened to different things.

You will first access the damage to your vehicle. Then, you will need to check the school. There will likely be less damage to the school. Most of the library books will be safe.

In this way, you will be able to clear all the zombies while keeping many buildings, including schools, intact.

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