In The Mountains Quest Guide – Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will get to know how to complete In The Mountains quest in Genshin Impact. All you need is to do is follow the steps in this guide to complete it. 

Once you get the quest, you will find ice of which you can do nothing with the fire or anything else. So you need to hit the red crystals one by one and grab them. And then you will have a little red ring around your character. 

There are four of them, and you have to bust one at a time. Once you hit the second one, you have to go around the crystal to the backside, and you will find the third red crystal; you need to hit this one as well. After hitting the red crystal, you have to go back and hit the giant ice crystal, just hit it three times. 

Now you need to remember that while you have the red glow around your character, you must get back to the crystal, then hit and grab it. 

After that, you can interact with an ice tree. You will get a reward after hitting the red crystals.

Now you have to need to find a way up the summit but you will find that the cold wind blocks it off.

It means you can’t do it, and you have to go back to Iris. Iris will give you a quest to find more red crystaks to break. There are two more to break, and you will find them in the location as shown in the image below.

For the first one, you have to go to the bottom of the Starglow Cavern. After getting there, you will find the crystals, but the force field protects them. 

Now you see there is a challenge; you need to do the challenge to break the force field. It is recommended to get Fire Sealy Spirits; they will go into the little statues that will help you keep you warm from the snow. You need to get a couple of those around you.

After that, find the red crystals, break them and come back again but remember to do it one by one and don’t get frozen. Once you grab it, turn back around and hit the crystal. Hit the two more behind it, and the enemies will spawn once you are behind. So watch out, use the torch and make sure you don’t freeze to death.

There is also one up there, so you have to smash it, and then you will see the enemies as well. So grab this one and escort the fire spirit back to make it easy on yourself. 

The last one is behind the rocks, so you need to break it, grab that piece and look around for another fire spirit. When you find it, you need to escort that one as well. Now, you will break the crystal, but that’s harder than the other two. 

After that, you have to move to the third one and interact with it after breaking it.

Open the map, and you will find the spot to find the next crystal. For that, you will need an ice character so that he can apply Cryo. 

You need to follow the fire spirit as it will show you the pattern. Follow the pattern, it will show you everything and all of them will open up eventually.

Now you will need to use your Ice Cryo character and smash it one by one. Once you are all done, there will be a fight but don’t underestimate the fight as it is a big one. Head over to the chest, open it, and it will start the battle. You have to win this battle, drop down below, and you will find your last crystal. When you break the ore, you need to hit the button to collect it.

Now you have to activate the torch, and it will heal you up. After that, move to the other side to find more. If you start to freeze, you can activate the torch, and it will heal you . The third and fourth one is right there with two fire sealies in the room, and the fire spirits will have to get to the home.

Get the first one and then head back there. The enemies will spawn, but they will be really weak, so you don’t have to worry too much. Now walk a bit further, and you will find a fire sealer. Now you need to escort the fire sealy home, and then there is another one in the room, make sure to grab that as well and then escort it.

There is one more, but this one is a bit more tricky to get. You have to jump on the ice, so it is the best way to get closer, and if not, then you can go up on the wall and glide, but it’s a long glide. When you find it, you will need to bring it home the same as before. 

You are still not done yet. Now you have to open the chest to get the last one and a weird record. After that, just grab the chords and blow the crystal. 

Next, you need to head to the Entombed City’s ancient palace waypoint and make your way up to the top for the last part.

It is recommended to kill all the enemies in the area; you can use an archer or a mage for the flying ones. When you get to the spot on the map, you need to find and do the same thing to break the red crystal or spread the orb around. 

Now you can see that the crystals are all floating in the air, So, you need to follow the new path now; if you have venti, then it might be a little easier to boost yourself. Now, you have to jump into it, and there will be no problem. Blow that one and it will be one of three. You have to work your way back up to the top.

The next one will be right up; there will be a giant hilly troll or a chawa troll. You will find the ice ones up there; you have to kill that. Then in the little arena, you will find the red ore, and now from there, you have to follow the path and jump over to the rocks. 

Once you break the crystal, you have to get ready to jump off or run back up. Break it, jump and then glide yourself back home. 

After that, head up there, and you need to climb this time. Follow the fire spirit, and it will help you out as it is near the snow org.

You can use a wind user and cross over there. There will be some enemies, don’t worry, they are just basic enemies to kill them easily. Now you can see the last red crystal is there and a chest; there will be two birds and one stone out there as well. Once the enemies are cleared, you can brust this opens.

You don’t need to bother to fly back. Hop off the cliff, and the crystal is right down there. You have only 30 seconds; you have to write it down because you are wrapping this up now. You will get yourself a little cut scene, and then you will have to return to Iris to complete the quest. 

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