Infernax Cheat Codes

Infernax is an Arcade game set in the most dangerous dungeon you can imagine. It’s a world where there are no heroes and monsters reign supreme. You enter this world by choosing your fate. Will you be an able-bodied warrior? Or will you become food for a monster?

Active Codes

ALEXKOLEUse it to get 99999 Gold
ATPGNINGUse it to get Over the top gore.
GKZNATEIUse it to get Max XP.
NINPIOUSUse it to get Invincibility.
PAINSAVVUse it to get Chainsaw Mode.
SEPPINOTUse it to get Infinite Jumps.
TEYETPAXUse it to get Jetpack.
UNKLZXXGUse it to get Infinite mana.

How to redeem codes in Infernax Cheat?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Infernax: 

You have to go to the Game Wizard location, then reach the book area and unlock the redemption system by hitting the button. After that, input the code and tap on Redeem to get your rewards.