Timber Codes 2022

In Roblox Timber, you will need to explore the island and chop down the trees to earn money. You can hire workers to cut more trees to earn more money.

Active Codes

100KLIKESUse it to get $2,500 Cash
40MVISITSUse it to get $2,500 Cash
70KLIKESUse it to get $3,500 Cash
BUSYBEESUse it to get $2,500 Cash
FREERTUse it to get 5 RT
ISLANDUse it to get $3,000 Cash
SANDYUse it to get free $3,000 Cash
SUMMERFUNUse it to get $2,5000 Cash
TEMPLEUse it to get $2,500 Cash

Expired Codes

1MVISITSUse it to get Free Cash
ICEMOUNTAINUse it to get free Cash & Logs
L0TS0FL0GSUse it to get 2,000 Logs
PIRATEISLEUse it to get Free Cash
REBIRTHTOKENSUse it to get free Rebirth Tokens
RUINSUse it to get free Cash & Logs
T1MB3RUse it to get 5,000 Cash
VOLCANICUse it to get 12,500 Cash

How do you redeem codes in Timber?

Click the Twitter button. This will open a window where you can enter your code. Once you’ve entered it and hit redeem , you’ll receive your reward!

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