Infinite Health Glitch In Jailbreak

The Infinite Health Glitch is so insane since you can easily heal the damage instantly. It allows you to have infinite health and never take damage. This glitch is great for trolling players or grinding money and XP faster.

This guide will tell you the method to perform this brand-new glitch in Jailbreak.

To do this glitch, you have to become a prisoner.

You will need a friend or alt account on the Police team, then make your way outside and escape.

Once escaped, spawn any vehicle and make your way to the hospital. Now, you have to get the ambulance and wait for your alt or friend to arrive.

Once they arrive, exit the driver seat and stand beside the stretcher.

Next, you need to tell your friend to hold out their handcuffs and join you in the back. Now, you have to enter the back seat and get ejected at the same time. You want your friend to be spawning eject before you enter. It’s suggested to test the timing before moving on to the next step.

Once ready, do the same glitch just make sure to keep spamming. If you get ejected right away, that means the Glitch is working. Now you have infinite health and can do anything normally. If you get shot by a bullet, you will regain health instantly.

This glitch is very OP since you can heal faster than normal. If you get punched by someone, you will heal to max health fast.

You won’t be able to take damage since you are healing fast. It’s suggested to try this glitch the next time you have a friend. While doing this glitch try and get ejected from the seat multiple times.

Getting ejected multiple times increases how fast you can heal damage. For example, if you eject 10 times, you will heal much faster. This means that the more you get ejected the less damage you take.

It’s suggested to test getting ejected multiple times to see how fast you heal. Also, you are able to drive and ride in vehicles while healing fast.

After spawning a vehicle, you will still be able to regenerate. This means you can do robberies and anything normally but healing. This also means you can leave the world limit since you don’t die. This makes it great for hiding from players since they can never reach you. Just make sure not to fall out of the world and instantly die.

If this happens, the glitch will fail and you will need to do it again.

Also, you are able to complete any robbery with the Glitch. This makes it easier since you don’t have to worry about lasers. There are a lot more things with the Glitch but you need to find that out.

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