Interactive Stories Codes 2022

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a story simulation game that was released in 2020. You will need to create your unique character and customize the way you like. The game consists of different stories, including young, romance, adventure, and more. You have to choose your story before starting the game. You will play as the protagonist of the story and take the course of events into your own hands. Make your decisions and choices wisely and develop the story in the way you want. You can download the Chapters: Interactive Stories game for free from the Google play store and Apple store.

Active codes

14juillet10Use it to get 20 Diamonds
2pscfbqdUse it to get 2 Tickets
34tk5sc9Use it to get 2 Tickets
3czbcaqkUse it to get 5 Diamonds
3x0cv65yUse it to get 5 Diamonds
4ikznbc4Use it to get 5 Diamonds
4t8avdpnUse it to get 2 Tickets
bbx0ebkyUse it to get 2 Tickets
c8g5fmm6Use it to get 2 Tickets
cy06fs29Use it to get 2 Tickets
hiduurq8Use it to get 5 Diamonds
hptif765Use it to get 2 Tickets (New)
iwc6e5u3Use it to get 2 Tickets
k7zsh967Use it to get 2 Tickets
rdcmn7diUse it to get 5 Diamonds
sorry10Use it to get 10 Diamonds (Switch to the Russian Language) (Limited)
tu942vytUse it to get 5 Diamonds
ufm3n2abUse it to get 5 Diamonds
x8t0ohupUse it to get 5 Diamonds

How to use redemption code in Chapters Interactive Stories?

Redemption code for chapters

You can easily redeem the codes in Chapters Interactive Stories by following the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Enter into the game and click on the Gift box icon at the bottom left side of the game screen.
  2. Step 2: And then you will need to scroll down a bit and click on the ‘Redemption code‘ button.
  3. Step 3: Input the code in the “Enter Redemption Code” .
  4. Step 4: And strike the “Redeem” button to receive a reward. 

How to get Chapters redemption codes?

Chapters Interactive Stories Codes are mostly released on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Reddit. This article has got all the active and valid codes of Chapters Interactive Stories and we will update our list once the new codes arrive. 

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