Interest Club Guide in Grand RP – GTA 5

This guide will let you know how to earn Crates, Level Up, and More in Grand RP.

When you get into the city for the first time, you will need to join a club.

When you go to the clubs of interest, you will get the option to join street racing, drifting, or biking. It is recommended to join street racing or bikers because you can earn more XP from them which will help you to level up faster. It is much harder to progress as street racers and become top 10 in the entire club.

There are relatively fewer people in the bikers club than in the street racing club which is in the city.

But if you really wanna become in the top 10, you have to join the bikers. At the start of every month, they reward the top 10 people and you can also earn a prize. Now if you do become top 10, you can earn one of these wheel crates.

The people are trying to sell the wheel crates for 13 million to 15 million dollars but their realistic price is about four to five million dollars. And if you can find them at this price, you have to buy them.

You have to avoid drifters club because you earn less XP every four hours and they have drifting locations that change every 30 minutes. You can’t actually earn any XP from them. Now the thing is that you need to get to level 10 to earn a crate.

When you reach level 30, you will get a chance to win crates with wheels. To win the crates, you have to race every four hours and level up simply. Each time you race there’s a chance of you getting a crate.

If you guys are doing these tasks, then you’re not going to get any crates and also not from doing any of the following races.

Don’t worry you can earn those specific containers whichever club you’re in and you have a chance of winning all of the containers. So now you know which club to join and how to earn the containers and the easiest way to level up.

You have to go to the city and race right there, this race takes place every four hours. You don’t have to work hard for it even if you come in last, you can still earn the same amount of XP that you would get if you came in first every time. As you finish the race, you’ll get 4,000 decent XP. Now while you’re waiting for the next race what you can do is your tasks.

Each of these tasks will give you 500 XP, you can finish each task once per hour and if you add that up after four hours, it becomes 6000 XP. It will give you one level up in about four hours; so if you play for four hours per day, you can go up one level per day and in a month you’ll get to level 30. If you’re working eight hours per day, then you’re going up two levels per day, and you’ll level up to 30 in 15 days.

If you decide to join bikers at some time, you won’t lose your level in either of the other clubs and if you decide to join back to either of those clubs, it’s ok because your level will still be the same. So you can join all three clubs.

There is a bunch of cool stuff you can earn. One of the best is that you can get a vehicle that can drive through water and this car is an RP vehicle named Stromberg.

If the police are chasing you, then you can just simply drive into the water and they can’t do anything about it. But you do have to become level 13 to get the car.

Only the street racing club has access to this vehicle.

So it’s up to you if you want to join a street racing club, it’s the best because you will get access to this type of stuff.

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