It’s Faster to Reload before the Gun’s Empty in Halo Infinite

This guide will let you know the importance of reloading faster before the gun gets empty in Halo Infinite. 

Like previous Halos, some weapons have extra reloaded animations for when the magazine is empty, which can be quite long, such as the sniper Rifle (02:50 second to fire a sniper rifle after reloading).

02:04 second to fire an assault rifle.

01:44 Seconds to fire assault Rifle.

It can work when players chase you down, expecting a free clean-up kill, only to be cracksmacked as they sprint past you. It is perfect to use in enclosed areas with high ceilings. 

Sadly, it works the best against controller players due to sensitivity limitations; Mouse can snap to many locations (e.g., look above instantly).

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