Jack Hall Gang Treasure Location Red Dead Redemption 2

In this guide, you will find out the exact location of the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Red Dead Redemption 2.

You will need to go near the Flat Neck station across the river from the Riggs station. You will find the map from a stranger; you can either buy it or steal it from him.

The actual treasure is in the Caliban’s Seat, south of Valentine. Go there and to climb up there with your horse. There is a slight ramp to take your horse up or just make your way up without the horse.

After getting up there, you have to move down from the camp side. Follow the little path around and get ready to jump from a gap but don’t fall.

Keep going and you will find a small opening, it is where you find the treasure and the next part of the map. As you know, there are three parts of the map. You will also get the pearl necklace; pick it up because tilly from the camp wants it as a personal request item.  

You will find the next part in the springs, northeast of Valentine and northwest of Fort Wallace. It is called Cotorra Springs

Once you get there, you will find some geysers. You need to find the the rocks formation out there. 

When you search the rocks, you will get your next clue and treasure as well. 

When you finally get the treasure here, you have to go north of the Emerald station, and Valentine is to the west of Emerald station. You need to go to O Creagh’s Run

Now you see there is a little island right in the middle, and you have to swim out to it. Be careful which way you, otherwise you may drown. After that, make sure that you made it out there.

Once you get there, you will find a little rock, search it and find the two bars of shining gold. The best part is they are both worth 500 dollars each.  

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