Kid Buu BnB Combos & Basics Guide | DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

This guide will provide you with all the BnB combos and basics of Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Fighterz Season 3.5. 

5L is a decently sized jab with good frame data. SLL and 5LLL are very basic but safe on block. Slightly move Buu forwards. Buu has a safe, low hitting 2L, but mind its stubbiness. 5M is double hitting, it goes exactly half screen, and it is safe.

It is both anti-reflect and gapless and can also cancel the first hit into anything but Light. jM is the same; however, only the second hit is an overhead! Buu has three down Mediums: IM, 2M and 3M. 

They all track to the enemy within certain ranges. These are roughly the tracking ranges of each one. On a hit, spamming 3M will automatically go into 2MIM and spamming 2M will go into IM.

Using more than 1 of them prevents you from going into 5M, though, so you’ll have to work around that.

Also important: IM is both faster and has better damage scaling than 2M and 3M. And remember that they all pull the enemy towards you. It is important later. 5H is larger than it looks, while 2H is a lot smaller than it looks. At least it hits behind Buu. 12H is normal but carries all of Buu’s momentum. 

5S shoots a single Ki Blast across the screen and is incredibly important to his pressure. 28 throws the Ki Blast in an arc that covers jumping at all distances or directly at the enemy if close enough. It is not safe on the block, though. 

You can air dash out of it and do stuff, but you will still get the landing recovery when you hit the ground. And lastly, jS shoots a Ki Blast downwards and stalls his momentum; it is used for Buu’s cross-ups.

Mystic Ball Attack (236X, Air OK) 

All the versions are safe on block. The Light version goes at a steep angle and recovers close to the ground, while Medium and Heavy will cover more space and recover in the air.

The Light version is mainly used for combo extensions and ending block strings safely. The Medium version is used in corner combos and for mixups. It only comes when it connects after the bounce, though, so if your corner combos aren’t working, keep this in mind. The Heavy version does the same things as Medium but better and is used to confirm stray hits into a knockdown. 

Mystic Arm Swing (214)

A series of anti-air commands grabs all with the same range but different properties. The Light version is fast and gives sliding knockdowns but can only super afterwards. You can use it to confirm 3M or auto combo. Heavy combines the speed of light and the ground bounce of Medium. 

Candy Beam (236S) 

Just a faster beam, piercing Ki Blasts and clashing with other beams. On a hit, it teleports to the enemy. Only the tip has a hitbox, though, and it takes a long time to recover. However, it will heal 400 blue health.

Kamehameha (1236S) 

This one’s bubblegum flavour. You can Tiger knee it (2369) to get it close to the ground. 

Arm Ball (2148) 

Lockdown to go, conveniently conserved. It is slow to start up but will hold your enemy in place for almost a full second and goes far further than necessary. Enough time to get a four-way mixup that is incredibly hard to block. 

A Assist 

It pulls out Buu, who in turn pulls out the canned mix. Being the highest blockstun assist in the game, it can give any character great mixups. It’s a hassle to use for combos because of the long startup, but it’s possible. 

B Assist 

Overall a great assist, for when above-average blockstun is enough. 

C Assist 

Standard beam-type C Assist.

Basic Gapless Safe Blockstrings

Kid Buu’s blockstrings have lots of layers, you can start with these two strings.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 5H > 236L

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 5S 

Basic Staggers

2L and L are great for staggering your approach.

2.5L > (pause) 5LL > 1M5M(2) > 555H > 236L 

5M will put you back in their faces, if you get reflected.

2L5L > (pause) 5L > 5M(2,1M > 5S > 66 5L > 5M(2)1M > 55 > 236L 

5S Pressure 

However, your main pressure reset point is at 5S. If they hold the block, Buu gets to loop his blockstring again.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 5S > 66 5LL > 1M5M(2) > 55 > 66 5LL > 1M5M(2) > 55 > … 

Slightly delaying the five afterwards will frame trap any button, including Super dash.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 55(dl)5H > 

And if they think they can reflect the 5H, you can always use 5M, which is auto-timed to punish reflect.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 55 5M(2)1M >… 

After Conditioning 

And while it may be risky, you can lock them down using Arm Ball if they’re too scared to press anything.

2L5LL > 1M > 2145 > … 

At any point, you can also cross them up with JS and confirm it with j236H.

2L5L > 96 js > j236H > JLL(2)

2S Pressure

Past that point, you can continue your block string into 25. From here on, it’s another Rock-Paper-Scissors situation.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 555H > 25 > 66 JLM(1H > 

While it’s technically unsafe, Buu has an answer to everything. If they keep blocking, js will make Buu plus and let him loop his pressure indefinitely.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 5S5H > 28 > S > (land) 1M5M(2) > 555H > 25 > S > … 

Trying to Hit or press anything, else will get you counterhit by js.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 555H > 25 > js (land) 1M5M(2) > …

The Heavy Mystic Ball instead of js will beat Superdash and set up a 50/50 on block 1.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 555H > 25 > j236H > … 

50/50 off 236M/H 

An assist of 25t of blockstun is enough, but more is preferred. It works off 236M too but will need slightly more stun.

50/50 off 236M/7M5M2) > 555H > 25 > 12364

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 555H > 28 > j236H > A1 > (dl) 66 jLM(1)H > …

2L5LLS 1M5M(2) > 555H > 25 > j236H > A1 > (Land) 2L > 1M > .. 

Depending on your assist’s pushback, you might have to commit some buttons mid-screen, but the pushback won’t matter in the corner.

2L5LL > 1M5M(1) > 236M > A1 > (land) 2L > … 

4 Way Mixup using 214S

By covering the startup of 2145 with an assist and using the float properties of a super jump instant airdash, you can get a dirty high/low left/right mixup.

2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > 555H > A1 > 2145 > 296 > (land) 2L 

Super jump IAD Crash Course

In case you don’t know, crouching before jumping gives you a super jump (s). During an sj, you can “float” and “fast fall” by holding up or down. It’s tricky, but with practice, you can float to the left or right of your enemy close to the ground. 

4 Way Mixup using 214S 

Same as with the 50/50, you’ll need to experiment with when to call your assist and Arm Ball.

N 2L5LL > 1M5M(2) > A1 > 214S > 296 > (dl) jLM(1)H 


Midscreen BnB

3972 dmg/3610 scaled 1.25 Bar You can end in … cLL(2) instead for slightly less damage but more consistency for all of these combos.

1M5M(2) – jM(1)LL2H – SD – j4LLM(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)H

(You can end in …jcLL(2)L instead. It’s easier but does slightly less damage.)

Midscreen BnB side switch

3Y12 dmg/3610 scaled I +125 Bar delays the Superdash slightly. 

1M5M(2) – jM(1)LL2H – (dl) SD – j4LLM(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)H

Advanced Midscreen BnB(Mid-Big Bodies only) 

4245 dmg/3805 scaled | +14 Bar, not universal, but you can combine it with Side Switch. 

1M5M(2) – jMLL2H – SD – (dl) jL(dl)LS – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)H

Vanish Extension

4692 dmg/4040 scaled In long combos do — (d) Vanish > 2M

214 instead

1M5M(2) – jM(1)LL2H – SD – j4LLM(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236M – (dl) Vanish – 66 (whiff 5L)LL – 214L

(For scaled do … – (dl) Vanish – 2M – 214L instead.)

5H Route

4245 dmg/3697 scaled I+1.1 Bar; you can do all the SH routes off 1/2M by skipping the second hit of 5M.

5M(2)1M – 5S(dl)5H – SD – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236M

(You can do 5H Routes  off 1/2M by skipping the second hit of 5M)

5H Rejump

4417 dmg/3810 scaled +1.3 Bar

5M(2)1M – 5S(dl)5H – (dl) SD – jM(1)(dl)L(dl)L – (land) jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236M

Corner BnB

5027 dmg/4135 scaled | 1.4 Bar Can be done of IM by doing IM5MO… The delay on 5L varies depending on enemy size.

5M(2)1M – 5H – 5SS – j236M – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236M

(You can do it off 1/2M by skipping the second hit of 5M. Buffer the 236 input during the 5SS)

Corner BnB Advanced

5M(2)1M – 5S(dl)5H – (dl) 5L5H – 5SS – j236M – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236L/M

(5H 5L link delay depends on character size.)

Crossup Confirm

3230 dmg

96 jS – j236H – jLL(2)L

3M Confirm Damage

Damage 3752 dmg

3MMM – 214H – (dl) 5LLL – SD – j4LLM(1)2HjcLL(2)S – j236M

3M Confirm Knockdown

Alternatively, you can use 214L for a meterless knockdown.

3MMM – 236H – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)H

214M/H Confirm

3495 dmg l-115 Bar

214M/H – (dl) 5LLL – SD – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236M

2H Punish/DR Route

 3535/2922 dmg I+0.8/16 Bar

2H/DR – SD – j4LLM(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)H

2H/DR Side Switch

3100/2740 dmg 107/14 Bar

2H/DR – SD – jM(1)LL(dl)jcLL(2)L

Superdash Confirm

 2170 dmg 1 40.6 Bar, you can use j236L instead for assist extensions.

SD – jM(1)LLjcLL(2)S – j236M

(Use j236L instead for assist extensions.)

SD Confirm Knockdown

2725 dmg

SD – jM(1)LLjcLLS – j236H – jLL(2)L

Vanish Confirm Knockdown

2541 dmg

… – Vanish – 66 5LLL – 214L

Vanish Confirm Damage

3033 dmg

… – Vanish – 66 5LLL – SD – j4LLM(1)2HjcLL(2)S – j236M

Basic Assist Extension

5379 damage | +0.5 bar

1M5M(2) – jM(1)LjcLL(2)S – j236L – A1 – jM(1)2H – SD – jLL(1)2HjcLL(1)S – j236S – j236L+M

Alternative Extension (AGohan B/GT A)

4834 dmg | +1.8 bar

1M5M(2) – jM(1)LjcLL(2)S – A1 – (land) 66 5L – jLM(1)L2H – SD – j4LLM(1)2HjcLL(2)L – A2 – (land) 214L

Corner BnB Extension (UI A/Baseku C)

8925 dmg

1M5M(1) – 5H – 5SS – j236M – jLL(1)2Hjc4LLM(2)S – j236L – A1 – SD – jLL(1)2HjcLL(2)S – j236L – A2 – 44 DR – 214M – 236L+M – Spirit Bomb

Crossup Confirm Assist

3435 dmg | +1.25

96 jS – j236L – A1 – jM(1)2H – SD – j4LLM(1)2Hjc4LLM(1)H

5H Route Extension (Majin Buu A/Android 21 A)

5013 dmg | +1.8 bar

1M5M(1) – 5S(dl)5H – SD – jM(1)LLjcLL(2)S – j236L – A1 – jLL(1)2HjcLL(2)L – A2 – DR

1 Bar Meter Positive TOD (Roshi B/Gogeta C)

2H – Sparking – 5H – 5SS – j236M – jLL(2)H – A1 – 5H – 5SS – j236M – jLL(1)2HjcLL(2)S – j236L – A2 – 44 DR – A1 – 5H – 214L – Lvl 1 Lv1 Lvl1

6 Bar Limit Break TOD

5M(2)5S – 214H – (dl) 5M(1)5H – 5SS – j236H – Sparking – 5M(1)5H – 5SS – j236M – jLL(1)S – 66 jLL(2)S – j236H – Vanish – 236S – [Vanish] – DR – 66 Lvl3.

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