Kitaria Fables – Controls Guide

Kitaria Fables is an epic RPG set in Paw Village, a peaceful land of nature where humans live in harmony. As the wildlife becomes more aggressive, The Empire has called upon you to investigate and defend its citizens.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to Kitaria Fables.


Move UpWPress W to Move Up
Move DownSPress S to Move Down
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
AttackLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Attack
Lock OnMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Lock On
Skill Slot 11Press 1 to Use Skill Slot 1
Skill Slot 22Press 2 to Use Skill Slot 2
Skill Slot 33Press 3 to Use Skill Slot 3
Skill Slot 44Press 4 to Use Skill Slot 4
Item Slot 15Press 5 to Use Item Slot 1
Item Slot 26Press 6 to Use Item Slot 2
Item Slot 37Press 7 to Use Item Slot 3
Item Slot 48Press 8 to Use Item Slot 4


Interact 1EPress E to Interact 1
Interact 2FPress F to Interact 2
Open MenuTabPress Tab to Open Menu
Open MapMPress M to Open Map
Open Pause MenuEscPress Esc to Open the Pause Menu


Select UpWPress W to Select Up
Select DownSPress S to Select Down
Select LeftAPress A to Select Left
Select RightRPress R to Select Right
SelectEPress E to Select
Back/CloseEscPress Esc to Back/Close
Move to Left PanelQPress Q to Move to Left Panel
Move to Right PanelRPress R to Move to Right Panel
Move to Left Sub PanelCPress C to Move to Left Sub Panel
Move to Right Sub PanelVPress V to Move to Right Sub Panel


Pin ItemTPress T to Pin Item
Less QuantityAPress A to Less Quantity
Add QuantityDPress D to Add Quantity


Quick SelectFPress F to Quickly Select
Set ShortcutsTPress T to Set Shortcuts
Sort ItemHPress H to Sort Item
Drop ItemGPress G to Drop Item


Zoom In/OutIPress I to Zoom In/Out
Show/Hide Map NamesJPress J to Show/Hide Map Names


ContinueEPress E to Continue
SkipEscPress Esc to Skip
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