Knight Crit Guide – Ragnarok X Next Generation

This guide will represent the F2P aspect for Ragnarok X Next Generation Knight. It is not the end-game build, but you can use the recommended equipment even at higher levels.


Yes, you can still use full STR build. You don’t have to worry about ASDP and Crit. You will get ASDP and crit from equipment and knight skills, so yes, go for full STR. 

You are tanky enough as melee DPS.  

The Skills

You can use free loadout to reset the stats and skills so that you can be a knight crit immediately. 

In swordsman tree, you will only get battle will, sword mastery, and magnum break. 

Why did you remove bash? Because it will delay your auto-attack. You will need to rely on crit; you can always get it again later. But you have to reset your skill, so your knight crit will shine at the early game. You can endure as well but not for now, if you had an eddga card, there’s no need to endure. 

The first skill in knight tree that you should get is Aura Blade because crit rate buff, 

20% crit rate is enough for now. You can increase it using enchantment or card if you want to. You should know that you need to increase it to level 5 first before you ride one.

Or you will get an ASDP penalty. Cavalry training will increase your attack a bit, better than nothing. It is affected by dex as well, but no need to invest stat points into DEX. You can save the rest of your stat points for the lord knight skill tree in the future.

The Equipment

You can use a blue set instead of white. You can farm the needed materials from a GTB instance. There are some insight from both of them.

White grade equipment seems to be cheap and good, but it is not that cheap at all. 

You need to level up your smithing skill, and it will take forever and cost you a lot of crystals. The level 80 white equipment only has tier 1, and you can’t upgrade its tier. 

The Blue sets depend on refinement and upgrade to shine. So make sure you spend your time on that. The problem is craft materials, for instance. For level 60, you will need to farm Osiris, and that is tough. 

The white set effect is useful, but the blue set is good too. Especially with higher raw stats, refinement and upgrade will be inherited by your new crafted blue equipment. 

You can use the white grade and slowly craft blue sets for the end-game for accessories and talismans. 

You don’t have to use your blue accessories and talisman for now, and also don’t up white set tier. At level 40, change to damage+crit accessories and talisman for better damages. You need to keep an upgrade and refine your blue weapon to provide a good amount of ASDP. 

The costume

You can use any costume, but it is good to have if you manage to get that increase your attack. 

Upgrade, refinement, enchantment

For enchantment, go for STR snd upgrade your weapon first to level 60. Then your talisman, accessories, and armours. From GTB instance until level 35, and buy the rest of the craft materials. These raw stats will make our character stronger in the end-game. 

The Cards

The best-recommended cards to use are end-game. 

Best weapon card combo: 

Left 2 pieces, right 1 piece. 

Poor weapon card combo:

You have to pick one of these cards and use three pieces of it.

You can use a skeleton worker if you like but don’t buy it. Just try to farm some and hope you will get them. It will make you crit more often.  

Best armor card:

Poor armour card:

Best shoes card: 

Poor shoes  card:

Best accessory card:

Poor accessory card:

Best costume card combo:

One pc left two pieces right one.

Poor costume card combo:

Three pieces.

If you don’t want to use my recommended cards, it is okay. But remember to avoid using %ATK and ASDP unless you got them for free.

White vs Blue

You spend too much time leveling your smelt but forgot about your other life skills. 

Remember that your low-level white with high tier is almost the same with level 80 white. Meanwhile, you can’t upgrade level 80 white’s tier and can keep on upgrading your blue set. 

You can try gatcha for level 60 blue weapons. But for COC missions, keep getting the card gatcha. Dismantle your rotten white equipment that can’t be sold for gacha equipment coins and save them. 

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