Lamp Designs Ideas in Minecraft

This guide will provide 11 lamp designs for new players in Minecraft. You can use any one of these designs to lighten up the surroundings. 

Table of Contents

    Shroomlights Lamp

    You can use shroomlights to make a lamp. You have to place a warped, crimson or acacia fence on the ground and then place shroomlights on top of them. After that, you need to place respective pressure plates on the top and trap doors on the sides of the light to finish the design. 

    Sensor Lamps

    You can invert daylight sensors in Minecraft that will help to save the electricity. The sensor sends out the signal when it gets dark. You will need to place a dark oak fence on the ground and a redstone lamp at the top. Then place a daylight detector on the top of the lamp to make it work. 

    Roof Lamp

    You can place end rods horizontally on the roof, so they will look like fluorescent lights. It is a quick and simple design to follow.

    Medieval Lamp

    You can build a beautiful medieval-looking lamp anywhere in your Minecraft world. You have to place two dark oak fences on the ground and a barrel at the top of it. After that, place spruce trap doors on the top and sides, and hang a lantern, as shown in the image. 

    Hanging Lamp

    The hanging lamp looks wonderful above the dining table. You can hang the lanterns on the roof and use a dark oak sign around them for a bit of decoration. 

    End Rod Lamp

    You have to place an end rod on the ground and a skeleton skull, quartz pillar, quartz slab, iron trapdoor, or pressure plate on the top to make a lamp. The end rod will work as a stand-in this case. These are very useful in modern-style builds.

    Bee Nest Lamp

    You will need to place a fence and a bee nest on the top to make a unique lamp. It will look really pretty in your bedroom. 

    Wall Hanging Lamp

    To make a wall hanging lamp, you have to place a lever at the top of the wall and then hang a lantern with the help of chains. 

    Ceiling Lamp 

    In this design, you can hand a Redstone lamp using a fence, and dark oak trapdoors. You can hide a lever under the oak trap doors to turn on or off the lamp whenever you want. 

    Tower Lamp

    You have to use hoppers, stone brick walls, anvil to make the structure of the lamp and then hang the lanterns under the hoopers, as shown in the image below. You can build this one in a modern city or a medieval world. 

    Chandelier Lamp

    You will need to place the hoppers that point downwards and then hang the lanterns with the help of the chains, as shown in the image below. The chains look well with the hoppers.

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