Lasso Guide – Roblox The Wild West

In this guide, you will learn about Lasso in Roblox Wild West.

You can purchase lasso at general stores. It is in the “Special” tab and costs $200.

To use it, you will need to equip it. Then hold the left click until the bar turns red and let it go. But be careful and don’t hold it for too long, it will reset.

And if you want to lasso farther, jump when you throw it. To rob people you have to lasso them, then hold ‘F’ to rob them.

You can also scroll up and down to move them closer or farther. Hold ‘E’ to pick them up. And ‘F’ to set them down.

To arrest people you have to be a citizen. Lasso, Hold ‘E’ to pick up, then press ‘E’ again to arrest.

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