Laura Laura Quest Guide – Guardian Tales

In this guide, you will learn the easiest way to complete the Laura Laura quest in Guardian Tales. 

First, let’s have a look what are the level pathways to complete this quest before you get crazy.  

The pathways are as follows:

Laura laura quest pathways 

(3-2) > (3-3) > (3-5) >(chamber of secrets) >

(3-1) > (3-4) > (3-6) >(Last Diary)

The first thing you will need to do is to go to 3-2 and go to classroom d, and get the old school id card.  

Without obtaining this card, you can’t do the laura laura quest. 

After you have obtained the id card, go to 3-3 and speak to the occult club member. 

Talk to her until you fight a ghost. Now the first part will finish here.

After fighting the ghost, now you will need to go to 3-5 and talk to a mysterious mirror. 

Now, you have unlocked a new stage named “chamber of secrets”. Next, go to the Chamber of Secrets stage and fight the shadow beast boss. 

After defeating the boss, you have to find the diary in this stage. 

Don’t forget to finish the level and then go to 3-1. Now you will need to find the next diary. King crimson! 

After obtaining the second diary, go to 3-4 and find the next diary.

Just a few more levels and one last diary to be found at magic school 5th floor. Go to 3-6 and find the next diary. 

Now, go to 3-5 and unlock a new stage named “last diary”.

For the final part, you have to go to the “last day” stage and prepare for a boss fight. 

This stage puzzle requires 200 IQ. Just do it carefully and you are good to go. 

After you have completed the puzzle, the last step is to defeat the bosses. And you are done.   

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